Nov 15, 2018

Gun Laws in Utah

Frquently Asked Questions about Gun Laws in Utah

Utah is generally a pro gun state.

As of May 31,2015.

Can I carry a hand gun openly?
 in Utah open carry is permitted for loaded hand and long guns
 with a permit. Open carry of unloaded hand and long guns
 without a permit is generally allowed.

Do I need a permit to purhase a hand gun?
 A permit is not required to purchase a hand gun.

Is a license required to carry a concealed weapon?

Do I have to register my firearm?

Do I need a license to own a gun?
 No you do not.

Are assault weapons banned?
 In Utah assualt weapons are not restricted.

What about NFA weapons?
 NFA's are not restricted by Utah law.

Before buying a gun check with your lawyer for the latest information and

a strong dose of common sense concerning “Stand Your Ground“ laws.

Remember, a child can never be trusted alone with a gun.

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