Nov 15, 2018

Gun Laws in West Virginia

Frquently Asked Questions about Gun Laws in West Virginia

Generally West Virginia is pro gun state with some local restrictions.

As of May 10,2015.

Can I carry a hand gun openly?
 in West Virginia open carry of hand guns is permitted except in
 certain municipalities. Long gun open carry is prohibited.

Do I need a permit to purhase a hand gun?
 A permit is not required to purchase a hand gun.

Is a license required to carry a concealed weapon?
 Yes, granted on a "Shall Issue" basis.

Do I have to register my firearm?

Do I need a license to own a gun?
 No you do not.

Are assault weapons banned?
 In West Virginia assualt weapons are not restricted.

What about NFA weapons?
 NFA's are not restricted by West Virginia law.

Before buying a gun check with your lawyer for the latest information and

a strong dose of common sense concerning “Stand Your Ground“ laws.

Remember, a child can never be trusted alone with a gun.

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