Nov 15, 2018

Gun Laws in Arizona

Frquently Asked Questions about Gun Laws in Arizona

Generally Arizona is very much a pro-gun state.

As of May 20,2013.

Can I carry a hand gun openly?
 Can be carried openly with out license or permit.

Do I need a permit to purhase a hand gun?
 A permit is not required to purchase a hand gun.

Is a permit required to carry a concealed weapon?
 No permit is required to carry a concealed hand gun but must be revealed if questioned by law enforement.

Do I have to register my firearm?
 Firearms do not have to be registered in Arizona.

Do I need a license to own a gun?  No you do not.

Are assault weapons banned?
 No, they are not.

What about NFA weapons?
 NFA's are not restricted but must be registered with NFA and you must obey federal law.

Remember, a child can never be trusted alone with a gun.

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