2019 Social Security COLA

June 16, 2018. The CPI-W on which the Social Security COLA is based has been going up at an increased rate lately. The general concensus is that the Trump Trade War will cause inflation to spike in comming months. We have already seen an uptick in producer and consumer costs that might translate into a decent COLA for the year 2019. The recent stock market drops have been in part blamed on a fear that inflation will increase dramatically with the world's big trading partners going at each other with new tariffs day by day. Gas prices have risen and it seems OPEC is now operating with some discipline so that may be more permanent in nature. Energy overall is down but food and used cars/truck are up. Cost of shelter (renting, ownership) have become so overheated it's affecting people's ability to spend on other areas of the economy.

The 2019 SS COLA may be signicant if current trends remain in place for the rest of the year.

On another front most have heard President Trump call Democrats that did not applause during his state of the union address treasonous. Criminalization of desent in a democracy is the beginning of the end. Trump is dangerous to our country's future as a beacon of democracy.