2019 Social Security COLA

September 14, 2018. The CPI-W on which the Social Security COLA is based eased off a little bit in August. It is widely assumed that this is but a brief repreive in an upward inflation swing. A lot of sources are thinking that we will see an almost 3% rise in the 2019 Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustment. The effects of tarrifs are starting to show. Most people are not paying attention to the fact that a tarrif on Chinese goods is actually paid by American consumers and businesses. Tarrifs are not a guarantee of more or better paying jobs for Americans but they do guarantee that establishment companies will be able to overcharge (gouge) the buying public. Food is going bonkers to the upside and the Trump policy of expelling illegal immigrants without considering how to replace the low cost labor they provided is showing up in farmers not being able to cost effectively harvest their crops. Cost of shelter (renting, ownership) continues to reach ever more ridiculous levels as so many Latino construction workers have been scared into leaving the country (or deported).

The 2019 SS COLA may be signicant if current trends remain in place for the rest of the year.

Trump's attempt to terrorize South Americans out of crossing the southern border by taking their children is an affront to every American who believes in decency.