DOS/VS with POWER Rel 34

DOS/VS Rel 34 is one of the mainframe OS's you can run on your PC. It was introduced in 1974, an upgrade from the first DOS/VS which came out in 1972. The DOS/VS operating system was a continuation of DOS/360 which was a stop gap measure after the introduction of the System/360 computer. IBM had intended for it's customers to migrate to OS/360 when it was released, but many had invested to heavily in DOS/360 to abandon it. So DOS/VS continued as a separate product and eventually developed into DOS/VSE then VSE/SP onto VSE/ESA and finally z/VSE the last release of which was in 2005. The Rel 34 version of the operating system, when run on a modern PC with an emulator, convincingly outperforms the original mainframes that it was developed for. To boot DOS/VS on an 1980's era computer often took more than 15-25 minutes but the Hercules emulator will boot it in less than 1 minute on my old 1.8Ghz spare PC.


If you would like to run this mainframe OS on your PC check out

Getting Started With DOS/VS On the PC


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