Starting and Stopping VTAM

  • 1. VTAM must have a higher priority than any other partition in the system and the Power partition must have a higher priority than the partitions it controls. Enter the following command from the DOS/VS console: PRTY BG,F2,F3,F1,F4{enter}. The AR prompt will appear. Key {enter}
  • 2. Be sure the VTAM Terminal is connected before proceeding. The VTAM start up JCL has been placed in the system procedure library. Start it by keying the following:
    START F4{enter}
    You get an F4 prompt. Key EXEC PROC=VSAMJCL{enter}. You may get an "EQUAL FILE ID" on the transaction file to which you should respond DELETE{enter}. Start up messages appear and it is ready for connections.
    Note: SYSLST is assigned to IGN at present meaning you will get no printout should an exception arise. You can modify the VSAMJCL book in the procedure library to change this.
  • Shut Down VTAM
    Key MSG F4{enter}. You will get an AR prompt, hit {enter}. An F4 prompt will appear and key Z NET,QUICK{enter}. VTAM will shutdown and an F4 prompt will appear. Key STOP{enter}

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