Starting VTAM Under DOS/VS

1. VTAM must have a higher priority than any other partition in the system and the Power partition must have a higher priority than the partitions it controls. Enter the following command from the DOS/VS console: PRTY BG,F2,F3,F1,F4{enter}. The AR prompt will appear. Key {enter}

2. Be sure the VTAM Terminal is connected before proceeding.  The VTAM start up JCL has been placed in the system
   procedure library.  Start it by keying the following:

   START F4{enter}

   You get an F4 prompt.  Key EXEC PROC=VSAMJCL{enter}.  You may get an "EQUAL FILE ID" on the transaction file to which
   you should respond DELETE{enter}.  Start up messages appear and it is ready for connections.

   Note: SYSLST is assigned to IGN at present meaning you will get no printout should an exception arise.  You can modify
         the VSAMJCL book in the procedure library to change this.

Shut Down VTAM

Key MSG F4{enter}. You will get an AR prompt, hit {enter}. An F4 prompt will appear and key Z NET,QUICK{enter}. VTAM will shutdown and an F4 prompt will appear. Key STOP{enter}

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