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Notes on using MTS

*** It is important to note that the user ID's are shared. This means any files saved
can be deleted or modified or read by anyone else.  There is no security to speak of
on this system (it's just a brief demostration of MTS) and anything you work on could
be destroyed by another visitor or a visitor could wreck the system. Ensuring that the
system is running for new visitors requires that the OS is rebooted at 3am and 3pm with
a new set of fresh DASD images (losing any prior saved files).  If you want
to do more than get a taste of MVS I suggest the myMTS package avaliable on ebay.

About the 3279 web terminal. 

If you know what they are,
the PF1-12 keys are mapped to the F1-F12 keys of the PC and PA1, PA2, and PA3 are the
Ctrl-F1, F2, and F3 keys.  On some PCs these keys may activate browser hot key
functions and produce undesireable results.

Stand By  -  Connecting to Terminal Server