Welcome to the Hercules S/370 Assembler Tutorial, currently under development.
VBB Note: This tutorial originally appeared in the CBT archives at Parts of it have been updated and annotated by

Navigation through the tutorial is provided by the PREVIOUS, CONTENTS, and NEXT links located at the top and bottom of most tutorial pages. Follow the NEXT links to read the tutorial in sequence, or select pages from the CONTENTS page which is arranged by category.

When following the NEXT links, the tutorial proceeds as follows

How do I get started learning S/370 Assembler?

The resources you have to collect, and the activities you have to perform if you want to perform the tasks described in the tutorial on your own MVS38j system.

Assembling, Linking, and Executing IEFBR14

Example MVS JCL and the output produced to assemble, link, and execute our first program IEFBR14

Overview of S/370 hardware

Brief description of the S/370 architecture

The S/370 Reference Summary

Brief description of the most-used S/370 architecture document

Imaginary history of the S/370 hardware design

Further introduction to S/370 hardware, using an imaginary S/370 hardware and software team to demonstrate some of the major design concepts introduced with the S/370

Introduction to S/370 Principles of Operation

Overview of the major contents of the definitive S/370 architecture manual

Learning about IEFBR14 using POPs

Using POPs to understand the IEFBR14 program

Learning about IEFBR14 using Hercules diagnostic tools

Hercules breakpoint, virtual storage display, and instruction stepping



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