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MVS 3.8J and Google - Gotcha's

This is a cheat sheet providing notes on Google searches that may provide

commands or instructions that do not apply to such an old operating system


Setting a no-timout in a TSO logon procedure

Googling for setting up a TSO logon procedure that will not timeout often comes up with adding ",TIME=NOLIMIT" to the exec card of the procedure. However MVS 3.8J predates the availability of the NOLIMIT option and should be replaced with ",TIME=1440" instead. If you use NOLIMIT you will get message "IEF642I EXCESSIVE PARAMETER LENGTH IN THE TIME FIELD" when logging in with the new procedure. A time of 1440 indicates there is no timeout at all as per GC28-0692-5 OS/VS2 MVS JCL. It is possible that an SMF exit can interfere with a specification of no timeout.

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