Control Files For MVS 3.8J

COMMND00Commands to be issued by the control program at initialization.
GTFPARMGTF control parameters.
IEAABD00SYSABEND dd statement default parameters.
IEAAPF00Names of APF authorized libraries.
IEABLD00List of modules in SYS1.LINKLIB.
IEADMP00Default parameters for an ABEND dump.
IEADMR00Default parameters for an ABEND dump.
IEAFIX00Names of modules from SYS1.LPALIB, SYS1.SVCLIB, and SYS1.LINKLIB.
IEAIPS00Parameters of an installation performance specification.
IEALOD00Names of LPA modules.
IEALPA00Names of re-entererable modules from LINKLIB, SVCLIB, and LPALIB.
IEAOPT00Parameters that control resource management algorithms.
IEAPAK00Names of groups of modules in LPALIB.
IKJPRM00TIOC parameters used to control TSO/TCAM time sharing buffers.
IRBMF100Parameters to control MF/1 data and reports.
JES2PARMJES2 Parameters.
LNKLST00List of data sets concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB.
MVIKEY00/a>Parameters to control MSSC data and messages.
SMFPRM00Parameters that define SMF options.
TSOKEY00VTIOC parameters that are used by TSO/VTAM time sharing.
VATLST00Volume attribute list that defines the "mount" and "use" attributes of direct access volumes.

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