Console Commands

The commands given here are from the MVS 3.8j point of view and an effort has been made to point out things that are different from newer versions of this OS. Please email me with suggestions or corrections to make this table more useful.

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$AARelease All Jobs$PPurge Job
$ARelease Jobs$PStop Device
$AQRelease Queue$PStop Remote Terminal
$BLogically Backspace A Device$PQPurge Output Queue
$CACancel Automatic Commands$RRoute Job Output
$CCancel Job$SStart System Activity
$CCancel Device Activity$SAStart Automatic Command Processing
$DADisplay Active Jobs$SIStart Initiator
$DFDisplay Forms$SLGN1Start JES2/VTAM Interface
$DIDisplay Initiators$SStart Device
$DDisplay Jobs$SStart Remote Terminal
$DMDisplay Message$TASet Automatic Command
$DNDisplay Job Queue Information$TADelete Automatic Command
$DODisplay Operator Requests$TSet System Affinity
$DQDisplay Number of Queued Jobs$TISet Initiator
$DUDisplay Units$TSet Job
$ERestart Job$TSet Reader
$ERestart Device Activity$TSet Punch
$ERestart JES2/VTAM Interface$TSet Printer
$ESYSRestart Jobs From a Failed System$TSet Remote Console
$FLogically Advance Device$TSYSSet System
$HAHold All Jobs$TOSCSet OS Console
$HHold Jobs$TSet JES2/VTAM Interface
$HQHold Job Queues$TSet Line
$IInterrupt Device$TSet Base Job Number
$LList Job Output$TSet Console List Level
$LSYSList System Status$TMSet Message Routing
$NRepeat Output Processing$VSIssue VS Command
$ORelease or Cancel Held Output$ZAHalt Automatic Commands
$PStop JES2 Processing$ZIHalt Initiators
$PIStop Initiators$ZHalt Device
$PStop JES2