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MVS 3.8J TSO Login

Notes on Time Sharing Option

*** It is important to note that the user ID's are shared. This
means any files saved can be deleted or modified or read by
anyone else.  There is no security to speak of on this system
(it's just a brief demostration of MVS) and anything you work
on could be destroyed by another visitor or a visitor could
wreck the system requiring that the DASD images be replaced
with a new fresh set - losing anything you saved.  If you want
to do more than get a taste of MVS I suggest the myMVS package
avaliable on ebay or use PayPal to Download Now at HALF Price.

About the 3279 web terminal. When in TSO command mode the
terminal will resemble a
 dumb serial terminal except when
the cursor gets to the bottom of the screen.  Then
asterisks (*) will appear. To proceed from here press enter
and the screen will
 erase and start over from the top.  In
TSO mode using the up and down cursor keys is not advised, it
will often confuse the command routine. If you know what they
are, the PF1-12 keys are mapped to the F1-F12 keys of the PC
and PA1, PA2, and PA3 are the Ctrl-F1, F2, and F3 keys.  On
some PCs these keys may activate browser hot key functions
and produce undesireable results.

Check the TSO tab above for commands you can try, or at the
"READY" prompt key
 "RFE{enter}" for Greg Price's ISPF like
package. Help for it is on the RFE
 tab above.

Stand By  -  Connecting to Terminal Server