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List of Books from the VM/370 Period

The best place to find comprehensive information on this old IBM OS is to buy an old book off of ebay.  
They can often be found for $10 or $15 including shipping to your door.  It is important to check the
latest copyright date as anything printed after 1980 might have irritating differences in detail to the early VM/370
used in the Hercules world.  Below is a table with books from the period 1970 to 1980 to insure they are relevant. 
Rating 1-5
System 370 Job Control Language1977
Gary DeWard Brown0-471-03155-0
Assembler Language Programming - The IBM System/370 Family1984
George Struble0-201-07815-5
Structured COBOL - Fundamentals and Style1986
Tyler Welburn0-87484-674-9
Introduction to IBM Direct Access Storage Devices1981
Marilyn Bohl0-574-21140-3
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