Console Commands

The commands given here are from the 1974 VM/370 point of view and an effort has been made
 to point out things that are different from newer versions of this OS.  Please email me with
suggestions or corrections.  Hopefully computer hobbyist will find this guide usefull.
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There are four componets of VM/370, each of which has it's own command language.  They are:
CP	IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: CP Command Reference for General Users
CMS	IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: CMS User's Guide
	IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: CMS Command and Macro Reference
RSCS    VM/370: Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS) User's Guide
IPCS    VM/370: Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS) User's Guide

Below is a brief table of common CP and CMS commands.

CP Commands

The terminal is in one of two modes, CP mode or VM mode.  Enter "TERMINAL MODE CP" or "TERMINAL MODE VM" to communicate with CP or the 
virtual OS respectively.
Commands are grouped into different privilege classes A thru H.
	A - System Operator
	B - System Resource Operator
	C - System Programmer
	D - Spooling Operator
	E - System Analyst
	F - Service Representative
	G - General User
	H - Reserved for IBM Use

Any Privilege Class

*Annotate Console Screen#CPExecute a CP cmnd while in VM mode
CPExecute a CP cmnd as a CMS userDIALLogically connect a line to a VM
DISCONNDisconnect your terminal from the VM/370 systemLOGOFFTerminate a VM and disconnect it from VM/370
LOGONUsed to inititiate access to a VM/370 systemMESSAGESend a message to a specified user or the system operator
SLEEPPuts a VM in a dormant state

Privilege Class G

ADSTOPHalt at virtual addressATTNCreate an attention interruption
BEGINContinue or resume execution of the VMCHANGEAlter attributes of a closed spool file
CLOSETerminate spooling activity on a virtual unit record or console deviceCOUPLEConnect one virtual CTCA to another
DEFINEAlter your VM or channel configurationDETACHRemove a virtual device from the VM
DETACH CHANNELDetach a dedicated channel from your VMDISPLAYDisplay VM hardware information (PSW,CSW,etc)
DUMPPrint memory/register contentsECHOPlace the terminal in the echo mode
EXTERNALSimulate an external interruptionINDICATEDisplay use/contention of system resources
IPLIPL a VMLINKLink devices from two different VM's
LOADVFCBLoad the FCB of a virtual printerLOGOFFTerminates a VM execution and disconnect it form VM/370
NOTREADYCause a virtual device to show not ready stateORDERPlaces closed spool files in a sequence by device type
PURGERemoves spool files before they are printed or displayedQUERYDetermines system status and configuration
READYSets device-end interrup pending for a virtual deviceREQUESTCreates an ATTN interrupt pending at your virtual console
RESETClears a virtual device of all pending interruptionsREWINDRewinds but does not unload a real tape unit
SETControls functions of your VMSPOOLModify the control options for a virtual spooling device(s)
STOREAlter registers and memory of the VMSYSTEMSimulates the restart and reset buttons on a real console
TAGAdds descriptive text to a spool fileTERMINALControls several functions of your virtual console
TRACEAllows followin the action of VM activityTRANSFERDirects an input file to a reader or reclaims files spooled to another user

Privilege Class A

ACNTControls usr accounting dataAUTOLOGLog on to a VM automatically
DISABLEDisable communication linesENABLEEnable communication lines
FORCELogoff a specific userHALTTerminate a channel program on a real device
LOCKLoad virtual memory pages and lock them from being paged out againMESSAGESend message to users
MONITORReal machine tracing and performance dataNETWORKControl a 3704/3705 Communications Controller
QUERYDisplay machine configuration and status informationSETSet system parameters
SHUTDOWNStop a VM/370 activity and prepare for warm startUNLOCKRelease locked page frames
WARNINGSend a high priority message

Privilege Class B

ATTACHConnect a real device to a VM or the CPAUTOLOGLog on to a VM automatically
DETACHDisconnect a real device from a VM or the CP
DISABLEDisconnect communication linesENABLEConnect communication lines
MESSAGESend a message to user(s)NETWORKControl a 3704/3705 communications controller
QUERYObtain information about system configuration and statusSETSet parameters
VARYSet device availabilityWARNINGSend a priority message

Privilege Class C

DCPShow real storage on terminalDMCPDump real storage to your printer
LOCATEFind CP control blocksQUERYGet info on configuration and status
STCPModify real storage

Privilege Class D

BACKSPACRepostion the output of a spooling deviceCHANGEModify the attributes of a closed spool file
DRAINEnd operations on a spooled device after current task completesFLUSHPurge the output currently on a real unit record device
FREEChange spool status from HOLDHOLDPut a user's spooled output in HOLD state
LOADBUFLoad a real FCB or UCS printer bufferORDERArrange closed spool files
PURGEDelete closed spool fileQUERYGet info about configuration and status
REPEATPrint or punch multiple copies of spool fileSPACESingle space a printer
STARTStart a spooling deviceTRANSFERMove to or reclaim from input files from another user

Privilege Class E

DCPDump real storage on terminalDMCPPrint real storage contents on your printer
INDICATEShow contention an utilization of resourcesLOCATEFind CP control blocks
MONITORReal machine event and performance tracingQUERYGet info about configuration and status
SAVESYSSave VM storage, registers, and PSW

Privilege Class F

NETWORKControl a 3704/3705 communications controllerQUERYGet info on configuration and status
SETSet parameters
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