Definition of PJob



JOB JECL Statement

This is the first card in a job deck and specifies various parameters
of the job being processed.

* $$ JOB JNM=jjjjjjjj,USER='nnnnnnnn',CLASS=c,DISP=d,PRI=p

jjjjjjjj - Jobname max 8 characters. If missing job is called AUTONAME. The names ALL,
HOLD, FREE, RJE, LOCAL, and single character name should be avoided to prevent
confusion with operator command input.
nnnnnnnn - User name max 8 characters
c - Processing class, if 0 thru 6 the partition to run in with 0 being BG, 1 is F1, etc, if an
alphabetic character it will run in the partition whose pstart command specified that class.
d - Disposition of this JECL deck, D - delete when finished
H - Place in hold status in queue, delete after running
K - leave in queue after processing
L - place in rdr queue on hold, leave in queue after running
p - Prority for both input and out queues, a single digit from 0 to 9 with 9 being the highest.