Definition of PPun



JECL Punch Statement

The * $$ PUN statement is used to control punch output that has been sent to the phantom
punch device.

* $$ PUN [DISP={D }]
[ {dispostion}]

[,CLASS={A }]
[ {class}]





[,COPY={1 }]
[ {number-of-copies}]





DISP - D delete when finished punching
H hold in queue, do not punch without operator intervention
I return the output to the input queue
K keep after punching
L leave in queue, it is not punched without operator intervention
N the output is not spooled but sent directly to the punch
T the output is spooled to a tape unit

CLASS A single alphabetic character representing the output class. the default is A.

PRI A single numeric digit representing the priority. There is no default.

REMOTE The remote id of the station to receive the output. The central sation is 000.

FNO The forms number, a 4 digit alphanumeric identifier. If the last job punched has
a different FNO than the next job the operator will get a message to change forms.

JSEP How many job separator cards to punch between jobs.

COPY How many copies of the output are desired.

TADDR The tape unit address and optionally the density for spooling the punched cards to tape.

RBM The number of initial cards punched before a warning message is posted on the console and
then the number of additonal cards punched before addtional warning messages are given.

RBS Specifies the number of intercepted records before the output is segmented into more than
one queue entry.

PUN Gives the address of the punch as either a physical address (X'cuu") or as a symbolic unit
(SYSPCH or any programmer unit).