Definition of PStart



Start a partition, RDR, LST, PUN, or RJE task

PSTART {task,uraddr,[class][,n]}
S {partition,[class],[outclass][,MT]}


task - one of RDR, LST, PUN

uraddr - unit record device in cuu form

class - the class of output or jobs to process

n - the number of buffers the task will use. One of
1, 2, D (4 buffers, 2 in, 2 out)

partition - one of BG, F2, etc

outclass - the default class of this partition's output

MT - this partition supports a never ending multi-tasked job

tapeaddr - specifies a X'cuu' tape drive to spool the output of a LST or PUN task

craddr - specifies a card reader address for a RDR task that accepts input from both
a card reader and diskette

duaddr - specifies a 3540 diskette address for a dual sourced RDR task

2 - the number of buffers, if not specified only one buffer is used

file-id - the diskette file that is to be read

vols - the maximum number of diskettes to be read

S - perform volume sequence testing

V - only diskette files that have been verified will be processed

RJE - start an remote job entry BSC task

lineaddr - give the X'cuu' or cuu address of the line to start

password - if given the password required for the remote operator to logon with

SNA - activate the VTAM interface