Definition of 0I23A


Cause: DASD device specified on a channel where file protection was not generated, or
No DASD device specified in DASD file protect option, or
If no device was added, the SYSRES pack is on an unprotected channel. SYSRES must be on
a DASD file protected channel.
System Action: The system waits for an operator response.
Programmer Action: Reassemble the supenrisor and specify in the DASDFP parameter of the
FOPT macro all DASD device types and all channels that interface with DASD devices. or
Reassemble the supervisor without DASD file protection (specify DASDFP=NO).
Operator Action: If a previous ADD command was issued. delete the device specified in it
and reissue the SET command.
If the problem recurs, execute a stand—alone dump (see DOS/VS SADP), and have the
· listing
· supervisor listing
· console log or IPL deck
available for problem determination.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.