Definition of 0I26I


where x = 5 for 3211
3 for 3203
5 for 5203
Cause: The IPL load of the Forms Control Buffer (FCB) and Universal Character Set Buffer
(UCSB) on the printer at address X'cuu' has been completed successfully. If one buffer has
failed to be loaded, dashes have been substituted for the applicable buffer load name and this
message has been preceded by message 0I27I. If message 0I26I occurs with the UCB phase
name replaced by dashes and without message 0I27I preceding it. the Forms Control buffer on the
5203 printer (without the UCS feature) has been loaded successfully.
System Action: Processing continues.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.