Definition of 0I27I


Cause: The buffer referenced in the message failed to be loaded properly due to a hardware
failure, or the FCB load cataloged under $$BFCB did not contain a stop character, or the phase
contains no channel 1 indication for 5203 or 3203. This error occurred during IPL on the printer
with the address cuu.
System Action: No additional attempt is made to load this buffer, but $$BUFLDR continues
processing the remaining buffers on this system.
Programmer Action: If this was an FCB failure, check that an error-free FCB load is cata-
loged under $$BFCB.
Operator Action: After IPL is complete, attempt to load the referenced buffer using
SYSBUFLD (see DOS/VS System Control Statements). If this attempt is also unsuccessful and
the FCB load is correct, issue the ROD command, execute EREP (see DOS/VS SADP), and call
your IBM customer engineer.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.