Message - 0I29I

Nov 28, 2018


Cause: At IPL time, the devices attached to the system require more space in the PUB2 table
than was allocated during system generation.
System Action: The IPL program is canceled.
Programmer Action: Reassemble the supervisor with more space allocated in the PUB2 table.
1. For disk and tape devices, indicate the maximum number of each device type attached to
the system, with the IOTAB macro parameter:
Dxxxx = n
where xxxx is one of the following:
2311 3340
2314 3410
2321 3420
2400 3886
n is a number from 0 to 9. If the specifiecation for a device type is omitted,
0 is assumed. except as shown below.

2. enter the maximum of I/O devices attached to the system (IODEV= n).
Operator Action: If a keyboard is available. enter DEL commands to release devices that
are not needed. When using a card reader for IPL, either remove ADD cards or include
DEL cards and re-IPL.
If the problem recurs, execute a stand—alone dump (see DOS/VS SADP) and have the
· output
· log sheet
available for problem determination.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.

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