Definition of 0P70I


Note: If xxxxxxxx is JOB ACCT, it can be reinitiated only with IPL. The associated job can be
Cause: Program issued an I/O request for a logical unit for which there is no logical unit
block (LUB), or
A CCB or DTF table was not initialized with the proper logical unit, or
A null ISAM file has been accessed. See DOS/VS Supervisor and I/O Macros, for additional
information on this subject.
System Action: The job or subtask is canceled.
Programmer Action: Obtain a system dump and the supervisor listing. Locate the IOTAB
macro in the supervisor listing and determine the values of BGPGR, F1PGR to F4PGR. Locate
the CCB in the dump (pointed to by register 1), and check the value of byte 6. If byte 6 is
X'00', byte 7 should be less than X'0C'. If byte 6 is X'01', byte 7 should be less than the PGR
value for the failing partition. If more logical units are needed, reassemble the supervisor with
larger PGR values, or
Check to see that the CCB or DTF table is initialized with the proper logical unit and not
overlaid during execution.
If the problem recurs, have the
· job stream
· program listing
· stand-alone dump
· supervisor listing
available for problem determination.
To obtain a meaningful storage dump, use DOS/VS SADP.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.