Definition of 1A80D


Cause: The file assigned in the previous assignment could not be opened. The label informa-
tion for the failing system assignment supplied with the job does not agree with the VTOC.
When Job Control opens a system file (for example, SYSIPT, SYSRDR, SYSPCH, SYSLST, or
SYSIN) and an error occurs during opening, message 1A80D is generated (1) if the operator
replies by pressing END/ENTER or typing CANCEL or CANCELV to an OPEN message with a
suffix A or D, and (2) for most of the OPEN messages with an I action indicator.
System Action: If SYSLOG is assigned to a keyboard, the system waits for an operator
response; othenlvise, the invalid assignment is ignored.
Programmer Action: Use LVTOC output and check that the file information supplied with the
program matches the VTOC entry. If label information was supplied by OPTION STDLABEL or
PARSTD, display the label cylinder, using LSERV, check the label cylinder entry against the
VTOC label information. Submit new label information to correct the failure. Resubmit the
assignment and job.
If the problem recurs, have the
· LVTOC output
· LSERV output
· job stream
· log sheet
· printer output
available for problem determination.
Operator Action: The logical unit has been unassigned by the supervisor. Check that the
correct volume is mounted and the correct assignment has been made, then type a new
assignment, or
Type IGNORE or press END/ENTER if the assignment is not necessary to continue processing,
Type CANCEL to cancel job.
Execute LVTOC and LSERV and return the output to your programmer.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.