Definition of 1I84A


1. SYSREC is not assigned
2. SYSREC was not created
3. Label and extent information is not available
4. The WRITE INHIBIT switch was left on
System Action: The system enters the wait state.
Programmer Action: Use the LVTOC output to check the label information on SYSREC. Use
the LISTIO output to check the SYSREC assignment. Check the recorder pack to see that the
correct one has been used. Make the necessary corrections and resubmit the job.
If the problem recurs, have the
· LISTIO output
· LSERV output
· LVTOC output
· job stream
· log sheet
available for problem determination.
Operator Action: Check the device, or
Re-IPL the system, specify RF=CREATE in the SET job control command, and provide the
label information or assign SYSREC, or
Issue the LISTIO command, execute LVTOC for SYSREC, execute LSERV, and give the output
to your programmer.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.