Definition of 1I89A


Cause: The Reliability Data Extractor (RDE) function was specified when the supervisor was
generated. The operator must specify the reason why IPL was performed.
Note: Under certain conditions this message may appear twice. Only one response is
required, though.
System Action: If SYSLOG is assigned to a keyboard, the system waits for an operator
response. Otherwise, the default code (DF) is used.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: Enter one of the following IPL Reason Codes:
CE IBM customer engineer/system engineer has control of the system and is not doing
user work.
DF Default.
EN Environmental problem (such as: power. overheating, etc.) caused failure.
IE IBM hardware or an IBM-supplied program error that did not require an IBM customer
engineer/system engineer.
IM IBM hardware or an IBM-supplied program error that required an IBM customer
engineer/system engineer.
ME Media - hardware error caused by a faulty disk pack, reel of tape, cards, etc.
NM Normal IPL.
OP Operational problem - operator error or procedural problem.
UN Unknown - undetermined error.
UP A user (non-IBM-supplied) program caused the failure.
If a reason code is not entered (only END/ENTER is pressed), the default, DF, is assumed.
However, if an invalid code is entered, message 1I92I is issued and message 1I89A is reissued
until a valid response is made.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.