Definition of 1Q52I


xx = BG/F4/F3/F2/F1
Cause: 1. A job running in the partition xx issued an illegal CCW, or a CCW whose function is
not supported by POWER, for a device whose input or output is spooled by POWER.
2. For an MFCM or MFCU, this message may also be caused if a programmer logical punch
unit has the same dummy assignment as SYSRDR or SYSIPT.
System Action: The job is canceled with a program check forced by POWER in the partition
xx and a dump is spooled to the print queue for this job. The program check address points to
the second byte of the SVC 0 (0A00) which caused the problem and register 1 in the dump
points to the CCB on which the SVC 0 was issued. If the job entry contains additional jobs,
they will be executed next.
Note: If the program tries to read from hopper 2 or to punch and feed from hopper 1 of an
IBM 2560 or 5425, the same message will occur.
Programmer Action: For cause 1: Correct the illegal CCW or change the device assignments.
For cause 2: Add a different dummy device address for the MFCM or MFCU to the system
PUB table (for example, IPL : ADD X'02D',5425, if the first dummy device address was
X'01D’) and change the assignments for the programmer logical punch unit to the new dummy
device address.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.