Definition of 1Q55D


1Q55D DISK ERROR xx[ycuu]
xx = BG/F4/F3/F2/F1/XX
where XX = partition-independent routine
y = T(reader routine) or T(print writer routine) or P(punch writer routine)
Cause: A disk I/O error has occurred in an execution processor, or a reader/writer routine.
The operation has been retried five times without success.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: Enter RETRY to retry the operation up to five more times. After the fifth
retry, the message will reappear. Then
Enter CANCEL to terminate the operation. For a command processor or a reader/writer
routine, only that portion of the POWER system will be terminated. If the error occurred in an
execution processor, the entire POWER partition and all POWER-supported partitions will be
canceled. If a command is handled. processing of that command is terminated. If a reader or
writer routine is affected, it will be canceled; if an execution processor is affected, POWER will
be terminated and all POWER-supported partitions will be canceled and have SYSRDR,
SYSIPT, SYSLST, and SYSPCH unassigned.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.