Definition of 1Q77I


1Q77I STOPPED xxycuu
xx = BG/F4/F3/F2/F1/XX
where XX = partition-independent routine
y = R(reader routine) or T(print writer routine) or P(punch writer routine)
Cause: The specified routine has been terminated because the operator used the P or C
command, or the CANCEL response option after a unit—record or disk I/O error.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: none.
Cause: The supported partition has attempted to load invalid data into the forms control
buffer of a 3203, 5203 or a 5203U. Invalid data are: No channel 1 indicator or no end-of-
buffer indicator. Invalid data in this buffer would cause an I/O error when running without
System Action: The job is canceled with a program check forced by POWER in the partition
xx and a dump is spooled to the print queue for this job. The program check address points to
the second byte of the SVC 0 (0A00) which caused the problem, and register 1 in the dump
points to the CCB on which the SVC 0 was issued.
Programmer Action: Check cards or phase that should be loaded into the FCB and correct it.
Operator Action: Notify the programmer.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.