Definition of 1Q91E


cuu = address of the diskette reader
n = 1-5, indicating various possible errors as described.
Cause: POWER found the diskette to be read containing data in a format other than the
proper 3540 diskette data format (see the 3540 Machine manual) or to be empty.
possible errors are:
n = 1:The 'bypass' byte is not blank.
n = 2:The "multivol' byte does not contain C, L, or blank.
n = 3:The numbers in the HDR1 label of the fields BLOCKL BEGINEXT or ENDEXT are not in
range 0-9.
n = 4:cchrr for file begin or end is outside limits of 3540.
n = 5:Either the diskette has no VOL1-label, or the VOL1 label is of a wrong format.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: If the wrong diskette was mounted, mount the correct one and reply
NEWPAC; if the diskette previously read was the last one of the file or empty, reply EOF;
otherwise reply CANCEL to terminate the reader routine, or change the control cards so
POWER will not spool the input. If the operator response is canceled via cancel request of the
console, the message will reappear.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.