Definition of 1Q92E


1Q92E NO HDR1 LABEL FOR file-id cuu
cuu = address of the 3540 reader
file-id=the name of the file POWER is to read. SYSIN will appear if no name was specified.
Cause: The reader routine did not find a HDR1 label for the specified file.
System Action: The routine is waiting for a reply.
Programmer Action: Make sure the file-id was correctly spelled in the * $$ RDR card or in the
S (start) command. If the label is stored on the diskette but unreadable, recreate the file.
Operator Action: See Programmer Action. Then verify that the correct diskette was in the
reader. If not, mount the correct diskette and reply NEWPAC; otherwise reply CANCEL to
terminate the routine, or EOF to cause the routine to consider the preceding diskette volume as
the last one of the file.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.