Definition of 1R30I


1R30I userid SESSION ENDED. aabbccddeeee,CCW=ffffffffffffff , RJE line address
userid: may be blank if no user is logged on.
aa = DECB completion code(DECB byte 0)
bb = DECB sense information(DECB byte 16)
cc = DECB flag(DECB byte 24)
dd = DECB error information(DECB byte 24)
eeee = CSW status(DECB byte 30-31)
ffffffffffffff = failing CCW, if available.
1. This message is printed when a user session terminates abnormally. Termination may be
due to a serious line error or perhaps the time before entering a reply may have exceeded
the retry count.
2. If the userid is not printed, a serious line error occurred during reading of the RJSTART
statement and the session could not be started.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: If the problem was caused by a hardware malfunction or a serious I/O
error, terminate the routine with a P command and correct the condition before the line is
Otherwise, POWER RJE will continue its attempts to start a new session.
Note: This message is preceded by four lines of diagnostic printout generated by the BTAM
macro LERPRT starting with *** LINE ERROR TOTALS ***

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.