Definition of 2170


content of statement in error
Cause: ESID number not previously processed. This error could be the result of previous
System Action: The invalid statement is ignored and processing continues, unless ACTION
CANCEL was specified to cancel the job.
Programmer Action: Refer to card format 1, linkage editor input cards (DOS/VS System
Control Statements, under Linkage Editor) and compare this with the output on SYSLST. The
probable errors are:
· incorrect ESID number of a REP card. Refer to card format 2 for the REP card format.
Determine the ESID number from the external symbol dictionary, correct the REP card, and
resubmit the job.
· previous errors such as duplicate entry point labels or invalid input statements.
Perform the corrective action for the previous errors and resubmit the job.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.