Definition of 3E04I


Cause: An invalid EREP statement has been read from either SYSIPT or SYSLOG. Some
common errors are:
· embedded blanks in the statement,
· syntax and spelling errors,
· no blank after statement,
· statement starting in column 1 when input is from SYSIPT.
System Action: If input was from SYSIPT. the first 40 bytes of the card in error are printed
preceding this message. In either case. the invalid statement is ignored, and the system waits
for an operator response.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: If input is from SYSIPT. replace the invalid statement and press
END/ENTER to continue, or
Respond END/ENTER to ignore the invalid parameter if it is not necessary and continue
processing,. or
Reply CANCEL to cancel the EREP job.
If input is from SYSLOG, enter a corrected or new EREP statement followed by END to
Reply CANCEL to cancel either the EREP job or the EREP option. If the message 3E04I
appears during the initial entry of EREP options, an operator response of CANCEL will cancel
the EREP job. However, if the message 3E04I follows either 3E03A or 3E05A, a response of
CANCEL will cancel only that particular EREP option.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.