Definition of 3M53I


3M53I library—name LIBRARY IS FULL
Cause: The subject library does not have enough space to permit cataloging or updating.
System Action:
With EXEC MAINT, the job is canceled. All CATAL statements are executed, except the one
last printed on SYSLST.
With EXEC CORGZ, the COPYX function is processed until the library is full. The status report
is then printed and the job is terminated.
With EXEC LNKEDT, no cataloging is done.
Programmer Action: If, in the directory listing, Library Blocks Deleted is at 00, reallocate a
larger library and retry the catalog. If Library Blocks Deleted is not at 00, condense the library
and retry the catalog run.
If the problem recurs, have the following available for problem determination:
· program listing
· job control listing
· DSERV of the subject library
Operator Action: Condense the library and resubmit the job if Library Blocks Deleted is not at

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