Definition of 3U32I


Cause: FS is specified as the fourth parameter in the UPDATE statement. but the source
statements to be added to a book/macro contain sequence numbers which are not higher than
the sequence numbers behind which the source statements are to be added, or contain
non-decimal characters in col. 73-78, or the default increment value of 1 results in an out-of-
sequence condition.
System Action: The message is issued on SYSLST only. The book is not updated. The
remaining control cards are checked for validity only.
Programmer Action: Check whether the source statements you want to add contain se-
quence numbers higher than the sequence number in your ADD or REP control statement, and
change them properly.
If the problem recurs, have the SSERV listing of the book/macro, the job stream and the
output available to complete your problem determination action.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.