Definition of 4110A


4110A NO VOL1 LBL FOUND TLBL=xxxxxx filename SYSxxx=cuu
Cause: A standard label output was specified but no volume label was found.
System Action: If SYSLOG is assigned to a keyboard, the system waits for an operator
response; otherwise, the job is canceled. This message is followed by the last tape record
Programmer Action: Verify that the correct tape was mounted. If it was, reinitialize the tape
and resubmit the job.
If the problem recurs, have the
· system log
· printer output
· job stream
· program listing
available for problem determination.
Operator Action: Type CANCEL or press END/ENTER to cancel job, or
Mount a tape with a standard label and type NEVVTAP to continue processing, or
Type a volume serial number (6 alphameric characters) to cause a VOL1 label to be written.
Processing continues.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.