Definition of 4131D


4131D BLOCK COUNT ERROR filename SYSxxx=cuu DTF=xxxxxx LBL=xxxxxx
Cause: A discrepancy was detected while checking the block count for an input file.
DTF=xxxxxx indicates the number of records read, and is taken from the DTF.
LBL=xxxxxx indicates the block count in the trailer label.
System Action: If SYSLOG is assigned to a keyboard, the system waits for an operator
response; otherwise, the job is canceled.
Programmer Action: If the tape was created using DTFPH, check the program that created
the tape to verify that the block count was properly maintained, or
If the tape was created using DTFMT, verify that the DTF was not altered between the
program that created it and the program that processes it, or
Check the system log for a BYPASS response to an I/O message. If one is found, rebuild the
tape containing the record in error and resubmit the job.
If the problem recurs, have the
· system dump
· system log
· program listing
· MTMOD listing
available for problem determination.
Operator Action: Type CANCEL or press END/ENTER to cancel the job, or
Type IGNORE to continue processing if the block count does not matter.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.