Definition of 4B09I


Cause: When executing a BTAM application in virtual mode. not enough real storage space
remained for all pages required to be fixed to fuIfill a BTAM I/O request. Not enough real
storage was allocated for pages to be fixed by BTAM, or enough was allocated for BTAM but
the application also requested some pages to be fixed.
System Action: See the preamble to this section.
Programmer Action: Either rerun the application in real mode, or
Request that the system operator increases the real storage allocation in the partition. Deter-
mine the allocation to request by estimating the largest number of pages required for any
single I/O request. For any I/O request, these areas must be fixed in real storage: BTMOD,
DTFBT, DECB, input and output data areas, requested buffers, and, for remote devices, the
table of special characters, the table of offsets, and the CCW model table. See DOS/VS
System Generation.
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.