Definition of 4B32I


4B32I P DATA CK SYSnnn=cuu TI=xxxx DC=dddddddddd DECB=aaaaaa
Cause: The control unit detected an out-of-parity character (VRC) or
The check character (LRC) developed at the control unit differs from that developed at the
terminal. The result is a unit check, with a data check indicated in the sense byte; or
Noise, static, data interruption, or interference of any kind is usually indicated by a data check.
System Action: Processing continues.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: If this message occurs frequently, check the communication facility, the
terminal, and the control unit. Careful analysis of each error message and the use of the
On-Line Terminal test program or some locally developed procedure will help to detect the
trouble source. If a terminal is the source of trouble, call the IBM customer engineer.
If the symptoms indicate that neither the terminal nor the communication facility is the
probable trouble source and the problem persists, have the
· ROD command output
· EREP output (see DOS/VS SADP)
· system log
available for problem determination.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.