Definition of 4B34I


4B34I P COMMAND RJ SYSnnn=cuu TI=xxxx DC=dddddddddd DECB=aaaaaa
Cause: The command cannot be executed because it is not defined for the unit. This condition
can also occur if (1) the problem program (using binary synchronous support) issues a non-
transparent WRITE macro with the sequence DLE STX in the output message, or (2) the
problem program issues a WRITE command to a line that is not enabled.
System Action: See the preamble to this section.
Programmer Action: The command address portion of the CSW contains the address+8 of
the CCW in error. Ensure that the device and feature dependent parameters of the associated
DTFBT are correct. If the problem persists. have the following available for problem determina-
· system dump, if provided, or
· storage dump, after the message is printed, that includes the problem program area
· system log
· problem program listing, with in-line macro expansions
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.