Message - 4B37I

Nov 28, 2018


4B37I P EOT RESPN SYSnnn=cuu TI=xxxx DC=dddddddddd DECB=aaaaaa
Cause: End of transmission response to a message. For the 2780 terminal, one of the
following occured: equipment check, buffer overrun or parity error, synchronization check,
misfeed, jam, or component selection error. This error message can also result from one of the
following problem program errors:
· The 2780 terminal receives a block of text in excess of 169 characters.
· The HT character is used in text beyond the last stop position for the printer.
· The problem program selects a component of the 2780 terminal that is not ready.
· The 2780 terminal receives a record, while in transparency, that does not equal the
capacity of the output; that is, 80, 120, or 144.
Note: For the switched 3275 terminal, this message is not printed when an EOT is received in
response to a message. This allows time for the application to read a status or sense message.
If a message was printed, a timeout would occur before a status sense message could be
read. BTAM, however, writes an error message in the error data set.
System Action: Processing continues.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: While it is possible that programming and/or hardware problems can cause
this error, it is probably the result of an operation problem at the terminal. Depression of STOP
on the printer or punch, a full chip box, a forms check, etc. will cause this message to be
If the problem persists, the terminal location should seek local hardware support.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.

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