Definition of 4B98I


4B98I TR=xxx/yy, DC=xxx,yyy, IR=xxx/yyy, TO=xxx/yyy
Cause: This message occurs as a result of one of the error thresholds specified in a BTAM
LERB macro instruction being reached, where TR stands for transmissions, DC for data checks,
IR for intervention required, and TO for non-text time outs. xxx is the count for each error at
the time one of the error thresholds was reached; yyy is the threshold specified in the LERB
macro instruction. This message is always preceded by message 4B40I or 4B50I.
System Action: Processing continues.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: This must be determined by each installation. The installation may, for
example, specify that the operator requests hardware diagnosis when a certain number or kind
of error occurs, or may use the information for statistical purposes.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.