Message - 4n24I

Nov 28, 2018


4n24I ec, cb, MCT, id
4124I ec, cb, MCT, id
4224I ec, cb, MCT, id
4324I ec, cb, MCT, id
4424I ec, cb, MCT, id
4524I ec, cb, MCT, id
4624I ec, cb, MCT, id
4724I ec, cb, MCT, id
4824I ec, cb, MCT, id
4924I ec, cb, MCT, id
Cause: An error was detected by VSAM record management while processing the VSAM
catalog. (Record management is used to read and write catalog entries.) This message follows
the messages 4n22I and 4n23I. The fields in this message have the following meanings:
ec Le Logical error (e is the error code associated with a VSAM record management return
code of 8).
Pe Physical error (e is the error code associated with a VSAM record management return
code of 12).
See DOS/VS Supervisor and I/O Macros for a description of the error codes.
cb A control byte that indicates the type of I/0 that resulted in the error:
Addressed PUT -- 00, 20
Keyed PUT -- 19, 1B, 38, 3A, 3C
Keyed ERASE -- 72
Addressed GET -- 80, 88, A0, A8
Keyed GET -- B2, BA
Keyed GET (greater or equal) -- BB
J MCT Identifies the VSAM catalog
id Identifies the catalog logical record that was being processed when the error occurred.
The value of id is either the key of the record (EBCDIC) or the relative control-interval
number of the record (hexadecimal).
System Action: The request is terminated.
Programmer Action: Notify an IBM programming support representative. It may be necessary
to restore the VSAM catalog. The Access Method Services PRINT command (DUMP format)
may be used to print the catalog.
Operator Action: none.

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