Definition of 4Q33I


Cause: Unit check with sense byte indicating lost data. This condition usually occurs after
OTAM intentionally causes a channel program check due to an invalid TIC command. This is
done when QTAM needs another buffer to continue an I/O operation, but none is available.
System Action: Normal QTAM operation continues.
Programmer Action: Investigate whether this out-of-buffers condition (indicated by a bit in
the error halfword) is concurrent with the lost-data error message. If so, increase the number
of buffers in the QTAM message control program to eliminate the problem.
If the problem persists, have the following available for problem determination:
· system log showing this error message
· system dump, taken at the time of the error
· PDAIDS I/O trace to record the sequence of interrupts preceding the problem
· ROD command output
· EREP output (see DOS/VS SADP)
Operator Action: none.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.