Definition of 8110I


8110I CYLxxx, TRKxx. HA or REC0 IS IN ERROR
Note: The cylinder and track numbers are given in decimal and not in hexadecimal notation.
Cause: The portion of the track where HA or Record 0 is written is defective, or
Option IO was used, a defective track was detected, and the pointer to the alternate track, in
the Record 0 count, is erroneous.
This is probably a hardware error.
System Action: The job is canceled.
Programmer Action: none.
Operator Action: Mount a new disk pack and rerun the job.
If the problem persists, have the
· job stream
· system log
· printer output
· ROD command output
· EREP output (see DOS/VS SADP)
available for problem determination.

Used with Courtesy and Permission of International Business Machines, Inc.