Message - DEFINE

Nov 28, 2018



Alter Your VM Configuration or Channel Mode

Priviledge Class G

This allows you to modify the configuration of your VM on the fly. It also can be used to
change the channel operating mode.


Reader [AS] vaddr Gives you a spooling 2540 card reader in the VM.

Printer [AS] vaddr Provides a spooling 1403 printer to the VM.

PUnch [AS] vaddr Includes a spooling 2540 card punch as part of the VM.

CONsole [AS] vaddr Adds a virtual console to the VM configuration at address vaddr.

CTCa [AS] vaddr Gives you a virtual channel to channel adapter. The vaddr must
end in 0.

TIMer [AS] vaddr Provides a pseudo timing device at address vaddr.

1403 [AS] vaddr Same as Printer.

1443 [AS] vaddr Adds a spooling 1443 printer at address vaddr.

2501 [AS] vaddr Gives you a 2501 spooling card reader at vaddr.

2540P [AS] vaddr Same as PUnch.

2540R [AS] vaddr Same as Reader.

3211 [AS] vaddr Gives you a spooling 3211 printer with the Index and LOADVFCB feature.

3505 [AS] vaddr Provides a spooling 3505 card reader at vaddr.

3525 [AS] vaddr Gives you a spooling 3535 card punch at address vaddr.

CHANNELS [AS] {SEL} Redefines the channel mode of the VM to be either block-multiplexor or
{BMX} selector. This affects all channels but channel 0 which is always byte
multiplexor mode. Immeadiate reset of the VM takes place with this

LIne [AS] vaddr [IBM1] Adds a 2701/2702/2703 virtual communication line at vaddr to the VM.

GRAF cuu [3270] Gives you a temporary system console for the VM at cuu. The DIAL command
must be used to connect and the device must be supported by the guest OS.

vaddr1 [AS] vaddr2 Changes the virtual address of device vaddr1 to be vaddr2. If the device
has multiple sub-address (such as a 2703 or 2305) you must use the base
address and it will affect all sub-devices. An example would be change
a 2705 at 1B0 to 1D0 causing all address from 1B0 to 1B8 to become 1D0
thru 1D8.

T2305 [AS] vaddr [cyl] nnn Gives you a temporary virtual disk which is allocated from a pool
T2314 of such resources. The disks should be formatted before use and
T2319 cleared before logging off or releasing it as future use by
T3330 another user would expose any un-cleared data to that user. A
T3340 3350 in 3330 compatibility mode should be specified as a T3330.

STORAGE [AS] {nnnnnK} Changes the amount of virtual storage available to the VM. It cannot
{nnM } exceed the amount specified in the VM directory entry. Any change will
cause a reset of the VM and clear all storage to zeros. Changes are
made in increments of 4K and the minimum total amount of storage is 8K.

Notes: DEFINE changes are only valid for the current terminal session.

Responses: You will get a message verifying that the change took place or the reason why it could
not be carried out.

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