Definition of DETACH



Remove a virtual device from the virtual machine

Priviledge Class B & G


vaddr1 the virtual address of the device to remove. Multiple
devices should be specified whith a space between them.
Use a hyphen to separate a range of devices. You cannot
combine multiple devices and range of devices in the
same invocation of this command.

Note: A device that is currently in use will be detached
irregardless of that fact. Devices attached during
CP initialization and VM/370 directory entries are
can also detached.

Detached tape devices are rewound and unloaded.

Detached devices become available to other users. If
the device was attached by an operator, the operator
gets a message that the device is now free.

There are special conditions that apply to a 2305
device that are best described in the IBM command


DETACH 180 Tape drive 180 is detached. If a tape is mounted it
is rewound and unloaded.