Definition of DISPLAY



Display Virtual Storage, Registers, Control Words

Priviledge Class B & G

With this command you can display the PSW, CAW, CSW control words as well
as second level Virtual memory, general, floating point, and control


hexloc1 A hexadecimal address. When prefixed with L contents
are displayed in hex, prefixed with T includes an
EBCDIC translation in addition to hex, prefixed with
K shows storage keys in hex.

hexloc2 The end of a range. The character dividing the two
addresses guides the execution of the command. When
a dash (-) or colon (:) is used it is an address range.
hexloc2 may be the word END which displays to the end
of storage. If the dividing character is a period (.)
a numeric bytecount may be used or the word END.

Greg1 Decimal or hex ranging from 0 to 15 of a general register
to display. G by itself will show all 16 general
registers .

Yreg1 An integer of the set {0,2,4,6} specifying a
floating-point register. If only Y given all
floating-point registers are shown.

Xreg1 A Decimal or hex integer from 0 to 15 of the control
register you wish to view. Y alone displays all control

reg2 This parameter operates the same as that for hexloc2.

PSW Show programs status word (PSW).

CAW Display channel address word (CAW).

CSW Displays a channel status word (CSW).