Definition of DUMP



DUMP Contents of VM Components

Priviledge Class G

The DUMP command will print on the spooled printer information on various VM
components. You will get the PSW, general, floating-point, and control registers,
as well as storage keys and requested virtual storage locations.

Lhexloc1 The begining VM storage location to dump. Addresses prefixed with L are
Thexloc1 dumped in hex, those prefixed with T are dumped in hex with EBCDIC tranlation.
hexloc1 Dumps are rounded down to the next full word boundary. If this parameter is
0 not supplied zero is assumed.

{-}hexloc2 The end location of the dump. END is the end of the VM's storage and is the
{:}END default if this parameter is omitted. hexloc2 must be numerically higher than

{.}bytecount A hex number indicating the number of bytes to dump. It is rounded up to the
next full word boundary.

*dumpID This is a memo identifying the dump that is printed at the head of the report.

Response: DUMPING LOC 0A3C